33 Active extensions

Name Current Version Description
No Custom Profile for guests 1.0.2 Hides the custom profile fields for guests
Simple Spoiler 1.3.0 Spoiler BBCode Extension for phpBB 3.2.x
Board3 Portal 2.1.0 Adds a portal with several blocks to your forum. You can change the settings, move the blocks, add new blocks and more in the ACP.
Log user connections 2.1.0-rc2 This extension will log user connections, failed logins and new users.
Sortables Captcha 2.0.0 Sortables Captcha Extension for phpBB 3.1. This captcha plugin allows you to add questions and provide answers in two seperate columns. An user will see all the answers in one column and has to drag some answers to the other column to successfully complete the captcha.
Image Upload 1.0.4 This extension will add an upload system for images to your forum.
Logout Redirect 1.0.1 Allows the administrator to specify a URL to which users are redirected after they logout.
Group Template Variables 1.0.0 Group Template Variables Extension for phpBB 3.1
Posting Template 1.0.0 Posting Template Extension for phpBB 3.1
MOB add Active Topics link on viewtopic tools 1.0.1 Display View Active Topics link in the footer Tool Drop-Down in viewtopic page only.
Ajax Shoutbox 1.0.4 A simple shoutbox for phpBB 3.1 and phpBB 3.2
Quick Login 1.0.5 Adds a simple quick login popup lightbox using JavaScript
PM Name Suggestions 1.1.1 An extension that suggests usernames when selecting a recipient of a private message
Auto Groups 1.0.1 An extension that can automate the process of adding and removing users from groups upon reaching specified milestones related to their post count, age, membership, and warnings count.
Board Announcements 1.0.6 An extension which allows you to create board-wide announcements for your phpBB forum
Board Rules 2.1.1 An extension which allows you to create a set of rules for your phpBB forum
phpBB Ideas 2.1.9 phpBB Ideas centre for phpBB 3.2.
Pages 2.0.2 An extension which allows you to add static pages to your phpBB forum
VigLink 1.0.2 The VigLink extension for phpBB makes it possible to earn revenue, without any change to the user experience, when users post and follow links to commercial sites.
Add User 1.0.4 Allows administrators to add users to their forum
User Merge 1.0.2 Allows administrators to merge the accounts of two users
Poster IP in Viewtopic 1.0.2 This extension allows Moderators and Administrators to View the IP of the Poster on Viewtopic.
Search user topics 1.0.2 This Extension displays number of topics started by a user when visiting that users profile
Detailed viewonline 1.0.0 Provide more detailed information about a place on the board on viewonline page.
s9e/mediaembed 20170724 Embed third-party content in your phpBB forum
Active Extensions List 1.0.1 Shows total number of active extensions installed in the forum statistics with a link to a new page to a list of the installed extensions with their versions and descriptions.
Hide Bots 0.1.0 Hide Bots form who is online list.
Servers Board 1.0.0 Displays status of various game servers on a phpBB3.1 board
Post Edit Log 1.2.0 Allows moderators to view a history of edits to a message
Emoji Picker 0.1.5 Adds the Emoji picker to the posting page and signature preview page.
Lightbox 1.0.4 Lightbox for phpBB will resize posted images to a maximum set width and display them fullscreen in an elegant Lightbox overlay effect.
Scroll To Top 1.0.1 A phpBB 3.1 extension that adds a scroll to top button making it easy to return to the top of a page.
Advanced Polls 1.2.1-b1 Advances the core poll system of phpBB with new features like hiding votes till end, showing poll voters, limiting the votes and more.